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Wine tasting, wine-performances, organization of winetours

This extra service is the part of our proposition and the realization is concerned with our youngest family member, who visited Tokaj-Hegyalja´s wine region and the wonderful wineyards, cellars there, just for relax and for appeasing his thirst for knowledge about wine. We would love, if the perfect wine and the world of wine-cellars discovered by ourselves could be introduced to visitors and guests. By this way you can be aware of the experience, which is provided by the wine of Tokaj, as well as the introduction of perfect and world-wide famous wine-makers, and go home with unforgettable experiences. Believe in us, we know surely, what we are talking about!

Wine tasting

The program of wine tasting includes the visitors tour on wine fields and in winecellars, on which they can be informed about the traditional wine types from the region Tokaj. The tour followed by the presentation of wine-making technology and the cognition of the preparation procedure. The procedure has three stages and takes place in gravitational processor and in ageing cellar. You can choose from our offer four, five or six type of wine earnest. Tasting is joined with wine-cellar visit, where we offer guidance in English, Italian and Slovak language. The wine tasting can be individually formed by the visitors before the visit according to the offer of wine-cellars. According to the wish of guests the visit of the cellar and the wine tasting we can assure to weekends and to other different occasions.

Winetours and organization of special events

We are providing the planning, organization and transaction of events such as company meetings and events, conferences, team-building meetings on the fields of world-wide famous Tokaj’s wine region. Our programs for teams and companies:

  • Grape harvest with wine taste - from September to October
  • Wine-making master course - Make your own Tokaj’s cuveé!
  • Winedinners with music -
    Culinar and gastronomical and musical joys followed by wines of Tokaj’s region
Minimal number of people to organise these programs is 20.

Our detailed offer can be asked on the mail If you have any questions or you would like to add something according to our service of wine-tourism or you just want to know more details about it, please mail or call us!