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Dear Visitors and our coming Customers!

The GlassItalia, s.r.o. (Ltd.) was established in 2012 as a family corporation. We would like to express with our logo and visage the clear and modern elegancy, which is discovered in the bottles of our company and in the world of our wine.

The main activity of our corporation is the import of bottles from Italy. We bring in uniquely designed bottles for packing, we sell bottles of spirits, other liquids, preserved fruit and vegetables such as hard drinks, wine, liquor, oil, vinegar, honey, jam, mushrooms and other products. The company GlassItalia Kft. would like to give a special representation and form for the handicraft and foodstuff-trade producers, home industry, wine manufactories and for hard drink distilleries. It is important the fact that we are in contact with the producer company, that is why the price of the goods are reachable for the customers. Our aim is to make reachable the unique visage for everyone, firstly the smaller and family corporations or the handicraft traders can appear in elite stores and places, the second important fact is, that the customers have the choice to buy special,eye-appealing products.

According to our passion and leaning to the world of wine, the unsoothable passion of learning about wine effected the second profil of our company: the salesmanship of original wines of Tokaj, earnests and tastes of wine, wine-shows and wine-performances and organization of winetours in Tokaj. When we can see with our own eyes the wonderfull places, fields with mounds, the cellars with more than hundred years old mildew coating, we realize, that this is thing, we would like to deal thoughtfully in the future. Our company found out, that how enjoyable is the chalice of wine, when we realize and know the origin, the history, the place where it grew, when we know the grower and the philosophy of wine making. We feel that our mission is to introduce the wine of Tokaj, which has significant quality, for these people, who are interested in the wine world. If we talk about the mission according to wine, our confidence is, that we want to be representants of wine-diplomacy, than wine-dealers.

If you are interested in our copany´s work, visit our website. Have a good time and pleasurable browsing!

The crew of GlassItalia, s.r.o. (Ltd.)