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The bottles

According to our experiences the number of these producers are increasing, who realize, that their products should be noticed on the shelves of shops, where there are hundreds or thousands of goods are competing for the grace of customers. The aim of GlassItalia Kft. is to help with the wide range of winebars, wine manufactories, hard drink distilleries and other handicraft products, the home industry products - such as honey, mushrooms, jam - to give a special design. Our bottles are the mirrors of passionate handicraft work, like the product in it, which is made by tender care too.

We would like to inform our dear visitors and our potential customers, that we are not giving you simple bottles and massproducts, we import modern Italian glass bottles in unique form and design from Italian glass factories. Our company is in contact with seven Italian glass factories, that is why we have a wide range of bottles. We are trying to appease the claims of all our customers, in form, colour, printing (in relief) and in processing we offer wide range of variuos possibilities. We can provide totally unique and specially sized bottles. According to our customers wish, we can deliver smaller quantity(one pallet) of our products. Our partners order is flexibly managed, the delivery can be realized weekly.

Browsing on our website the future partners or the questioning visitors can see, that there is no catalogue. Now we are introducing to you, how we wish appease your claims:

In our office we are having our sample bottles and the catalogues of the Italian factories. According to our partners wish we are trying to make and search for the best and the planest offers, find out the bottle, which is fitting for their idea. Firstly the choosen bottle is personally or electronically introduced by us, we ask from the producer the sample, information and bid, after this we send it for the customer. If our offer is accepted we organize the delivery of the bottles in the right time and to the right place according to our customer.

If you have any questions according to our imported bottles or you would like to ask for a bid, we are here for you, on our contacts